My aunt married a white guy (theyre all from Louisiana) and we’ll be sitting around talking and my family does not like white people..like at all.. so someone will be like FUCK THEM WHITES and he’ll pop up and be like YEAH! FUCK THEM HONKIES!

and everyones just like



*tries to do push up* 

*goes straight into sujood*

me: ya rabb deliver me from this calamity

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Cold World

Plain & simple.
My mom lied to my 17 yr old bro to get him out da country before he turned 18. We did go to saudi but when we was leaving she turned to a nigga & said our next stop is somalia. like she sellin to us we RANDOMLY had a transit stop in somalia (bullshit ALL OF IT was a scheme hatched almost 2 yrs ago, nothing is random) like WHY-DA-FAK-WOULD-SOMALIA-BE-A-RANDOM-TRANSIT. Like him believing this lie has me convinced this idiot deserves whats coming. SO she convinces him to go DESPITE him saying walahi im not going to somalia, & somalia LITERALLY is his WORST NIGHTMARE she convinces him saying NO ONE i trapping u in somalia. WALAHi BILAHI TILAHI NO ONE IS LEAVING U IN SOMALIA. U know how she lied thru this? with a straight face? She planned to trap him in somalia AND stay with him there & raise him there. So she never “leaves him behind in somalia” cuz nigga not only is HE not going ANYWHERE. NEITHER WAS SHE hence why she could lie to him so calmly. So dis goat thinking he’s leaving we get to kismayo on pretences of seeing our older bro we haven’t seen in years. (Dis partly true but the REAL reason is we was gon live in kismayo cuz my uncle was there, it had nothing to do with my older bro he was just a bonus & Ma’s cover story) we get there with the story that we are staying for FOUR DAYS. We get to kismayo we have the house RENTED FOR THE MONTH new BEDS that costed 200$ each FOOD for a MONTH i wanted to slap my bro at this point, the neighbours my uncle everyone’s asking how we like our new house how we r staying for months that its somalia FOREVER & canada NEVER. & literally he will GO TO MY MOTHER & say hooya why r they saying this? who this house belong to? & ma would say oh ignore them their crazy we r only staying for 4 days our plane is march 14, like ma nigga HOW U SO STUPID…….